Global Education Award Recipients

The Global Education Award is given to ISD member residents, fellows, or young dermatologists who are presenting oral or poster abstracts at the next congress. ISD members from around the world hold a one day meeting, and the Global Education Award recipients are given the opportunity to present their abstracts to their peers and senior physicians. For more information and to apply for the Global Education Award, click here. 

2019 Global Education Awards










The ISD Global Education Award recipients attend the 24th World Congress of Dermatology, Milan, Italy, June, 2019.

Left to right: Drs Jacek Szepietowski (ISD Education Committee Chair), Manoj Pawar, Maria Franchesca Sotto Quinio, Sonia Sofia Ocampo-Garza, Nellie Konnikov (ISD Secretary General), Imene Ben Lagha, Linghong Linda Zhou.

2018 Global Education Awards










The 2018 Global Education Award recipients attend the 6th Continental Congress of Dermatology in Taipei, Taiwan, November, 2018. 

Left to right: Drs. Ayush Jha, Fatma Jendoubi, Ana Maria Draganita, Asma Toumi, Veronica Uy, Shivani Reddy, Nellie Konnikov (ISD Secretary General), George Reizner (ISD President), Shashank Bhargava, Mehak Singh, Nathalia Malvehy Herrara, Anil Kumar Bhatta, Frank Po-Chao Chiu.

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