Mentorship Committee

ISD Mentorship Program


Promote the advancement and exchange of scientific and clinical dermatological information worldwide for the purpose of providing better patient care on every continent.

General Objective

Provide opportunities to ISD members to enhance dermatological knowledge and skills through a fellowship program. The International Mentoring Committee (IMC) will oversee this activity.

Specific Objectives of the Committee

  1. To serve as a central body to facilitate International Dermatology Mentorships
  2. To suggest, encourage, facilitate and maintain a listing of possible mentors/institution/hospital/universities interested in participating as hosts.
  3. To coordinate the application of members seeking fellowship learning experiences with volunteer mentors of different universities/countries

Eligibility of Applicants

  1. All Applicants must be a member of ISD at the time that the application is submitted and throughout the program.
  2. Preference in all categories is given to medical dermatology programs.
  3. Categories:
    Category 1
    These young Dermatologists/Residents will receive US $1000 per month from the ISD. Mentorships for cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery will not be given preference. ISD member for at least two years (or if a resident member at time of application). Resident-applicants who are 35 years old and below will be given priority. Only 2 awards per country each year.
    Category 2
    Young Dermatologists/Residents suggested by the Committee and receiving variable financial support from Companies. No age limit set.
    Category 3
    Dermatologists/Residents not financially supported. ISD member for at least two years (or if a resident member at time of application). No age limit set.

Please apply online. Your application will include a brief bio-sketch together with your letter of recommendation from your local, regional or national dermatologic society and from the head / training officer of your institution.

Dr. Murrell and Dr. Handog.  International Exchange Programs in Dermatology: A Prescription for the Present, A Hope for the Future.  Dermatol Clin 26 (2008) 203–219.

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