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Tropical Dermatology Update

Recorded Wednesday, September 12, 2018
European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology Annual Meeting
Paris, France

This ISD Education Committee, Community Dermatology Committee and the editors of the International Journal of Dermatology (IJD) organized a subspecialty group meeting during the 2018 EADV meeting in Paris, France with a focus on Tropical Dermatology. The chairs of the session were Dr. Jacek Szepietowski, Dr. Claire Fuller, and Dr. Rokea el-Azhary.

Dr. Frederica Dassoni (Italy)
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: clinical diversity, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Dr. Olivier Chosidow (France)
Scabies: increasing problem 


Dr. Colette van Hees (Netherlands)
Improving Access to Dermatology Knowledge: Development of a simple skin app to assist health workers in resource poor settings

Dr. Roderick Hay (United Kingdom)
Mycetoma: old and new developments


Drs. Lawrence Gibson (USA) and Mark Davis (USA) of the Mayo Clinic have selected articles from the International Journal of Dermatology to discuss.

Dr. Gibson presents key articles on tropical dermatology

Dr. Davis discusses articles on Climate Change and Skin Health


















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