ISD Committee on Climate Change

ISD Committee on Climate Change

Climate change may be the greatest challenge of the 21st Century. Many dermatological disorders maintain a high sensitivity to climate and ecologic changes. To date, there has been little research tracking of how climate change may be affecting dermatologic conditions. To address this topic, the ISD Committee on Climate Change was established. Since its inception, group members have contributed articles to the literature that demonstrate a relationship between climate change and dermatologic diseases.

Moving forward, the purpose of the committee is to:

  • Improve understanding of what climate change is and how it may affect health, disease patterns and specifically the incidence of dermatologic diseases.
  • Gain insight from case studies presented by dermatologists on dermatologic patterns of disease as they relate to specific climate variables and extreme weather events.
  • Open a dialogue to develop and conceptualize trends of climate change in relation to skin disease for the medical, scientific and political communities worldwide.


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