Membership Renewal

ISD Membership Renewal

ISD Members may renew at their current level of membership or change their status by renewing as an Individual Sponsoring Member. When you login as a Member, you will see a list of options including Renew On-line (at your current membership level) and Renew as an Individual Sponsoring Member (to upgrade your membership).

1. Current Level - ISD Members can renew at their current level of membership  (Associate, Regular or Individual Sponsoring Member) by clicking here.

2. Upgrade to an Individual Sponsoring Member - ISD Members who would like to upgrade their membership by renewing as an Individual Sponsoring Member  by clicking here.

Individual Sponsoring Members' (ISM) dues are US $250 per year which provides all the benefits of a Regular Member to the ISM and allows the ISM to sponsor 2 additional Associate Members (residents from any country, dermatologists from developing countries including most African, Asian, Eastern European, Central and South American countries).

ISM's can either allow ISD to select the sponsored members or they can tell ISD who they would like sponsored. ISM's will be recognized in the ISD Connection Newsletter and ISD web site.

The Individual Sponsoring Membership is a wonderful way to support young dermatologists and dermatology programs worldwide.

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