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The International Society of Dermatology has a focus on tropical dermatology, is active in developing countries and has a  public health role. Community Dermatology focuses on both individual care from the health care provider to the patient and extending skin care awareness in the community.  Its application differs depending on the situation from skin cancer awareness and exams in the United States, to low cost treatment of lymphoedema with traditional methods in India.

Community Dermatology is core to the mission statement of the ISD to have a particular focus on tropical dermatology and to foster collaborative efforts among its membership. By necessity, Community Dermatology is a group effort and necessitates establishing relationships with other agencies like the ILDS.


The goals of the Community Dermatology Committee are:

  1. Provide ISD members with information on how to implement and expand community dermatology projects locally
  2. Provide opportunities for ISD to collaborate on existing community dermatology projects
  3. Collaborate with like-minded health organizations to expand community dermatology awareness and programs

The committee will accomplish these goals by:

  1. Maintaining Community Dermatology pages on the ISD web site
  2. Providing references and resources on how to implement a community dermatology project
  3. Establishing an annual grant funded by ISD to support a community dermatology project
  4. Submitting an application to the ILDS Dermlink field project grant request on behalf of an ISD member project
  5. Supporting the ISD Connection newsletter with suggestions for the regular Community Dermatology article
  6. Providing speakers and programming for ISD sponsored meetings
  7. Developing education materials on Community Dermatology which may be published on the ISD website, in ISD publications, through third-party publishers, or as contributions to other publications (chapters in text books, for example).

Community Dermatology Project Award

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