In the above video, the ISD Mentorship Committee Chair, Dr. Rashmi Sarkar (India) and Dr. Erere Otrofanowei (Nigeria) discuss their recent virtual mentorship program

In this video, Former ISD President Dr. Vangee Handog (Philippines) and Dr. Jesús Alberto Cárdenas de la Garza (Mexico) review the highlights of their virtual mentorship program. 

Application to Receive a Mentorship Award:

The applicant should complete the application form with information including field of interest, place, and duration of training. A letter of support from department head / training officer of his institution and / or national / regional society. 2024 Mentorship Program applications are no longer being accepted. Please continue to monitor this page for 2025 program updates.

  1. At the culmination of the mentorship program, the applicant will submit a written report regarding their experience (reports may be published in the International Journal of Dermatology, ISD Connection, the ISD website or social media).
  2. The Mentorship Committee will report yearly to the Executive Committee the names of the mentees and the names of the mentors/institutions/universities, which participated in the program. This will also include the type of specialty training that was provided.

Eligibility of Applicants

  1. All Applicants must be a member of ISD at the time that the application is submitted and throughout the program.
  2. Preference in all categories is given to medical dermatology programs.
  3. Categories:
    Category 1
    These young Dermatologists/Residents will receive US $1000 per month from the ISD. Mentorships for cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery will not be given preference. Applicant must be an ISD member for at least two years (or if a resident, ISD member at time of application). Resident-applicants who are 35 years old and below will be given priority. Only 2 awards per country each year.
    Category 2
    Young Dermatologists/Residents suggested by the Committee and receiving variable financial support from outside sources. No age limit set.
    Category 3
    Dermatologists/Residents not financially supported. ISD member for at least two years (or if a resident member at time of application). No age limit set.
Mentorship Application
Mentors list

You can consult the list of available mentors here.

Please note that while our current mentor list is comprehensive, we cannot guarantee the availability of all mentors listed for the upcoming year.

Serve as a Mentor

ISD members who are willing to serve and have an area of expertise to share may submit an application to be listed as an ISD Mentor. The Mentors are selected by the ISD Mentorship Committee. To apply, please complete the below application, attach a short CV, and provide your availability to mentor the upcoming calendar year. The mentor must be an ISD member. There is no financial compensation.

Click here to apply as mentor

Mentorship Final Report

At the end of the mentorship program, the mentee is required to submit a report on their experience. As mentioned above, all or part of this report may be published in the International Journal of Dermatology, ISD Connection, the ISD website or on social media. Please be sure to attach 2-3 photos from your program as jpg or png files.

Click here to complete final report

Recent Mentorship Award Winners

Read the reports and view photographs from recently completed mentorship programs in the

ISD Connection and on our list of Recent Mentorship Awardees

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