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Mentorship Application

Application to Receive a Mentorship Award:

The applicant should complete the application form with information including field of interest, place and duration of training. A letter of support from department head / training officer of his institution and / or national / regional society. Applications are accepted October 15 of each year for funding in the following year.

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  1. At the culmination of the exchange program, the applicant will make a short written report regarding her / his experience and then submit it to the International Journal of Dermatology for possible publication. The mentor is also encouraged to submit a short report to the IMC regarding the training experience.
  2. The committee will report yearly to the Executive Committee the names of the mentees and the names of the mentors / institutions / universities, which participated in the program. This will also include the type of specialty training that was provided.

Mentorship Application

Application to Serve as a Mentor

ISD members who are willing to serve and have an area of expertise to share may submit an application to be listed as an ISD Mentor. The Mentors are selected by the committee. To apply please complete the short application with information including name, address, site of clinic, email, fax, areas of interest, short CV or biosketch, contact person and housing.  The mentor must be an ISD member. There is no financial compensation.

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