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Mentorship Participants

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ISD Mentorship Program Participants

Dr. Charina Ann Pelayo (Philippines) with Dr. Martin Kassir in Dallas, TX on a Cat 3 mentorship program focused on dermatologic surgery. Cat 3 mentorships are not funded.


Dr. Sampson Kiprono (Tanzania) from the Regional Dermatology Training Center in Moshi mentored with Dr. Helmut Beltraminelli (Bern, Switzerland) where he focused on dermatopathology. Dr. Kiprono hopes to start a dermatopathology lab in Moshi. 

Dr. Kristine Dillague (Philippines) with mentor. Dr. Antonella Tosti in Miami, Florida. Dr. Dillague's program focused on hair, nails and psoraisis with co-mentors Dr. Martin Zaiac and Dr. Francisco Kerdel.

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