Dr. Oluwatoyin Abiola Adekanmbi Akinsiku, MD (Nigeria)

Mentor: Dr. Keyvan Nouri, MD

Miami, USA 2019


Major goals for your mentorship experience: The major goals for my mentorship experience included understanding and observing the Mohs surgical procedure in order to effectively treat non-melanoma skin cancers and to learn to diagnose skin cancers microscopically. Additional goals were to appreciate the practice of Dermatology outside my continent and to clinically diagnose various skin conditions in these patients as well as appreciate the differences and similarities in their healthcare management.

What did you like best about your mentorship experience?: It afforded me the opportunity to train in Mohs surgery and to enhance my surgical skills by close observation. I was also able to observe other subspecialities within the department and this exposed me to an excellent mix of cutaneous disorders. In addition, I enjoyed the patient management conferences and Grand Rounds presentations.

Describe any special experiences with your mentor: My mentor always made sure we examined the frozen sections together when performing Mohs surgery, and he helped me to microscopically identify carcinoma versus uninvolved skin with confidence. I also learnt some pearls about medical administration during the various conversations we had during breaks. This helped reinforce my view that a good doctor should also be a good manager as it makes a difference in patient management. Dr. Nouri also provided insights into the many aspects of Miami.

Describe a skill acquired during your mentorship that you will definitely use when you return home: The Mohs surgical technique will be beneficial when treating skin cancers in the albino population at my hospital.

How will your mentorship experience impact your patient care and professional goals over the next year?: After my mentorship experience, I realized that I should pursue training in health policy and management this coming year. I will also be an advocate for regular and periodic skin examinations by dermatologists. Although I plan to apply for a fellowship in skin cancer management, I still want to see a mixture of dermatological conditions in my practice. My patient care will have a more personal touch and I will ensure that every interaction leaves the patient more reassured.

How will your mentorship experience make an impact five years from now, including for your region or country?: Five years from now, I envision regular and periodic skin examinations becoming the norm in our clinics as I become a strong advocate for this at various levels. The cost of treating skin cancers and the waiting time for treatment will hopefully be reduced, thereby improving survival rates.

Share a pearl you learned during your mentorship experience: Listen to your patients, there is a lot that can be learnt from them apart from their presenting complaints.

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