Dr. Irena Oganezovi, MD (Georgia)

Mentor: Dr. Nellie Konnikov, MD

Boston, Massachusetts US. 2018


For ISD mentorship awardee Dr. Irena Oganezovi of Tbilisi, Georgia, her two-month training in Boston from May to June 2018 with mentor Dr. Nellie Konnikov was the highlight of her year. It even exceeded her expectations. She found Dr. Konnikov and the team of dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and residents at the VA Healthcare System in Boston to be very welcoming and always ready to answer her questions and share their experience and knowledge with her.

Dr. Oganezovi’s major professional goals have always been to learn minor surgical procedures and to improve her ability to manage skin disorders in geriatric patients. As such, being given the chance to observe and assist in minor dermatologic procedures under the guidance of Dr. Konnikov was very rewarding. She learned different biopsy techniques, observed excisions, and assisted in laser treatment for rosacea, scar revision, and tattoo removal as well as photodynamic therapy.

During the week, Dr. Oganezovi’s busy schedule included rotations in general dermatology clinics on Mondays and Fridays, Mohs micrographic surgery and excision clinics on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, photodynamic therapy, laser treatment, and facial volume restoration on Thursdays, and Grand Rounds on the first Wednesday of the month at Boston University and the third Wednesday of the month at Tufts University.

During her downtime, Dr. Oganezovi enjoyed visiting many places in Boston, such as Castle Island and the Boston Common. She also had the opportunity to visit relatives in New York.

Dr. Oganezovi is honored and thankful for being selected for the ISD Mentorship Program.

“The ISD Mentorship Program inspired me to continue to learn, acquire new knowledge and utilize my new skills in everyday practice. My hope is that one day I may share my experience with ISD mentees from around the world.” -- Dr. Irena Oganezovi

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