Castellani-Reiss Medal & Award

The Castellani-Reiss Medal & Award is the highest honor of the International Society of Dermatology (ISD) given to an individual for Lifetime Achievement in International Dermatology and contributions to the society.  The Award is named after the founders of the Society, Dr. Aldo Castellani and Dr. Frederick Reiss.

The Award is presented at each International Congress of Dermatology (ICD). The next ICD will be held in Rome, Italy, June 18-21, 2025.

Past Awardees include:

Roderick Hay, MD (United Kingdom)     Tropical Diseases

Aldo Morrone, MD (Italy)                       Migrant Health

John Mitchell, M.D. (Canada)                Botanical Dermatology

Jose Barba Rubio, M.D. (Mexico)         Leprosy

Gunnar Lomholt, M.D. (Sweden)          Medical Missionary - Africa

Francisco E. Rabello, M.D. (Brazil)        Environmental Dermatology

K.C. Kandhari, M.D. (India)                  Tropical Dermatology Research

Henning Grossman, M.D. (Germany)      Medical Missionary - Africa

Coleman Jacobson, M.D. (USA)            International Dermatology

Sigfrid Muller, M.D. (USA)                    International Education

Terence Ryan, M.D. (UK)                      Community Dermatology

Aldo Morrone, M.D. (Italy)                    Community Dermatology, Migration


Selection Process

The ISD Executive Committee will begin accepting nominations for the 2025 Castellani-Reiss Award in 2024. 


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Thank you for your suggestion for the Castellani-Reiss Medal and Award for Lifetime Achievement in International Dermatology.

The awardee is voted on by the Executive Committee of the ISD in December, 2020.


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