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Useful Links on Climate Change


1.) http://www.dermatalk.com/blogs/skincare/effect-of-global-warming-on-skin-disorder/

2.) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -
The CDC maintains several departments concerned with occupational safety and health, such as the Center for Injury Prevention and Control, and the National ...

3.) Eurosurveillance, the European scientific journal devoted to the epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases, ...
www.eurosurveillance.org/ -

4.) Public Health Agency of Canada -
Protects the health and safety of Canadians through the prevention of chronic disease and injuries, public health emergencies, and infectious disease ...
Immunization & Vaccines - Infectious Diseases - Contact Us

5.) Climaderm -
German Research Program on Climate Change

6) Nature Climate Change
E-journal free but registration required.

 7)Climate Change May Result in More than Skin Disease
Internal Medicine News (www.internalmedicinenews.com)

8) Dermatologists Call Climate Change Defining Issue
EGMN: Notes from the Road
· Observations and Insight From The World of Medicine

9) Climate Change and Health Vulnerabilities
Minnesota Medical Association

10)Vector-borne Diseases / Climate Change Only recently have researchers attempted to predict how climate change might affect the distribution of vector-borne diseases. A comprehensive model should...www.ciesin.columbia.edu/TG/HH/veclev2.html 

11) Climate Change and Vector-Borne Disease Jan 16, 2008 ... According to the IPCC Forth Assessment Report, climate change has already altered the distribution of some disease vectors. ...www.windows2universe.org/teacher.../online.../disease_vectors.html 

12) Climate change and vector-borne diseases - Maps and Graphics at ... Climate change and altered weather patters would affect the range (both altitude and latitude), intensity, and seasonality of many major tropical ..maps.grida.no/.../climate-change-and-vector-borne-diseases 

13) Climate Change & Vector Borne Diseases .Opening Statement: Climate change and its impact on vector borne diseases. The impact of climate change on the global rise in vector borne diseases such as...www.saharov.com/.../ClimateChangeVectorBorneDiseases/.../Default.aspx - Cached

14) Vector-borne diseases …Vector-borne diseases are widespread in Europe and are the best studied diseases associated with climate change, which is reflected in this Review. ..www.ecdc.europa.eu

15) Impact of Climate Change on Vector Borne Diseases with Emphasis on ... Project to assess the impact of climate change on malaria in India. Load of Vector Borne Diseases. India is afflicted with six major vector borne ...www.mrcindia.org/.../ Impact%20of%20climate%20change%20on%20vector%20borne... –

16) Climate change impacts on vector-borne diseases Environment and climate change affect all eight vector-borne diseases that fall under TDR's mandate – malaria, dengue, Chagas disease, ...apps.who.int › Home › Publications and resources 

17) Climate Change and the Spread of Vector-Borne Diseases » End the ... Sep 30, 2010 ... It is projected that climate change will cause the spread of vector-borne diseases, and place additional stresses on ecosystems, ...endtheneglect.org/.../climate-change-and-the-spread-of-vector-borne-diseases / 

18) Health Implications of Global Warming: Vector-borne and Water ... Filtype: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - “Climate and Vectorborne Diseases” Am J Prev Med 2008; 35(5). ii Patz et al., Impact of regional climVate change on human health. ...www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/vector-borne-and-water-borne.pdf

19) Effects of climate change on vector-borne diseases | World ...The most pronounced effects of climate change on vector-borne diseases such as malaria or dengue fever will undoubtedly occur where the diseases are newly ...www.wri.org/publication/content/8485

20) Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Spreading Disease | Union ... Nov 10, 2003 ... Climate change and vector-borne diseases: a global modelling perspective. Global Environmental Change 5 (3), 195-209. McMichael, A.J.. 1996. ... www.ucsusa.org

21) Climate Change Impacts on Vector-Borne Diseases in Madeira - [ Oversæt denne side ]
Filtype: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

22) Daily climate data was used throughout the assessments. Climate Change Impacts on. Vector-Borne Diseases in Madeira. E. Casimiro1,2 and F.Duarte Santos1 ...

23) ClimateHealthConnect. The Center for Public Health & Climate Change

24) Climate Change and Land Policy in Brazil (English) and from the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (Portuguese).

25) 'Chikungunya': U.S. prepares for outbreak of debilitating virus