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Mentorship Participants


ISD Mentorship Program Participants

Dr. Tizita Yosef Kidane (Ethiopia) with mentor Dr. Jacek Szepietowski (right) and ISD President Dr. George Reizner (left) in Wroclaw, Poland in 2018. The program included a variety of surgical cases in their entirety, as well as cryosurgery, electosurgery, and cutaneous laser surgery. Dr. Kidane also spent time in the Mohs laboratory. 


Dr. Nataliia Zhovta (Ukraine) with mentor Dr. Nellie Konnikov (left) and Dr. Jean Bolognia (right), 2018. Dr. Zhovta's program in Boston, US focused on dermatopathology, general dermatology, and non-melanoma skin cancer management. She gained hands-on experience in photodynamic therapy for the field treatment of precancerous lesions and different laser treatments. 


Dr. Sneha Ghunawat (India) with mentor Dr. Evangeline Handog in Manila, Philippines. The program focused on tropical dermatology, and Dr. Ghunawat was able to observe a vast number of clinical cases such as hansen disease, mycosis fungoides, immunobullous disease, HIV related skin conditions and took part in the academic discussions. 



Dr. Sherzod Khonkhodjaev (Uzbekistan) with mentor Dr. Helmut Beltraminelli (right) studying slides (histology of skin lymphomas, melanocytic/epithelial/adnexal tumors) at Inselspital, Bern University Hospital in Switzerland. Much time was spent in the dermatopathology lab learning staining techniques and immunochemistry procedures. 


Dr. Omololu Enigbokan (Nigeria) with mentor and co-chair of ISD Mentorship Committee Dr. Rashmi Sarkar. This program focused on clinical (leprosy, vitiligo) and pediatric dermatology. Included was the opportunity for Dr. Enigbokan to attend the 2016 IADVL Delhi State Branch session on pediatric dermatology.



Dr. Swagata Arvind Tambe (India) with mentors Dr. Luca Borradori (left) and Dr. Helmut Beltraminelli (right) in Bern, Switzerland, fall 2012. The program focused on autoimmune blistering diseases and connective tissue diseases, with time also spent in the dermatopathology lab, and studying cutaneous lymphoma and malignancies. 


Dr. Charina Ann Pelayo (Philippines) with Dr. Martin Kassir, Chair of ISD Mentorship Committee, in Dallas, US on a Category 3 mentorship program focusing on dermatologic surgery. Cat 3 mentorships are not funded by ISD.



Dr. Kristine Dillague (Philippines) with mentor Dr. Antonella Tosti in Miami, Florida in 2011. Dr. Dillague's program focused on hair, nails and psoraisis with co-mentors Dr. Martin Zaiac and Dr. Francisco Kerdel.



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