2015 Award Recipients

2015 Maria Duran Award Recipients

To honor the memory of Maria M. Duran, MD, former Secretary-General and Executive Vice-President of the International Society of Dermatology, the Maria M. Duran Committee wishes to recognize leaders in international dermatology and those who have made significant contributions to dermatologic conditions affecting women and children.

2015 Maria Duran Lectureship

   Dr. Stephen Katz, US

   Dr. Stephen Katz poses with Dr. Evangeline Handog, Dr. Nellie Konnikov and Dr. Esperanza Welsh








2015 Fellowship


  Dr. Esperanza Welsh stands with the 2015 Fellowship award recipients. 

  Dr. Azin Ayatollahi, Iran
  "Comparing the Allergic Reaction of the Anti Hair-Loss Lotions with Paraben Preservatives with the Allergic Reaction of the Paraben-free Preservative Lotions" (pictured on the left)

  Dr. Diane Lagda, Philippines
  "Lumps and Pits: A Case of Ulcerated Erythema Nodosum Leprosum treated with Prednisone and Clofazimine" (pictured on the right)

  The Fellowship included a travel grant of $1,000 and waiver of registration fees to support their presentations at the XIII International Congress of Dermatology of the ISD.



2015 Maria Duran Medalist

Dr. Margarita Larralde, Argentina


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