2013 Award Recipients

2013 Maria Duran AwardRecipients

To honor the memory of Maria M. Duran, MD, former Secretary-General and Executive Vice-President of the International Society of Dermatology, the Maria M. Duran Committee wishes to recognize leaders in international dermatology and those who have made significant contributions to dermatologic conditions affecting women and children.

2013 Maria Duran Lectureship


Dr. Sarah Brenner, Israel

Dr. Brenner presented, "Gender Differences in Dermatology" during the Maria Duran Symposium at the XI International Congress of Dermatology in New Delhi, India.

Dr. Brenner has authored numerous papers and books including books on gender and dermatology.

2013 Maria Duran Fellowship







Dr. Christine Marie Chia, Philippines
(Pictured second from right)

Dr. Chia's presentation, "Relapse rate among smear-positive leprosy cases after 12 blister packs and 24 blister packs of multibacillary drug therapy in a tertiary hospital" was presented during the Maria Duran Symposium.

Dr. Mardiati Ganjardani, Indonesia
(Pictured first from right)

Dr. Ganjardani's presentation, “Granular Dermatofibroma on Lips ” was also presented during the Maria Duran Symposium in New Delhi.

The Fellowship included a travel grant of $1,000 and waiver of registration fees to support their presentations at the XI International Congress of Dermatology of the ISD in New Delhi, India.



2013 Maria Duran Medalist

Dr. Jean Bolognia, US

In recognition of her lifetime commitment to promoting the advancement of women in dermatology, Dr. Jean Bolognia was recognized with the Maria Duran Medal at the XI International Congress of Dermatology.

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