ISD Committee on Climate Change

Climate change may be the greatest challenge of the 21st Century. Many dermatological disorders maintain a high sensitivity to climate and ecologic changes. Currently there is little research and no systemised tracking of how climate change may be affecting dermatologic conditions. In response, the ISD plans to promote meetings, clinical investigations, and publications on the impact of climate change on dermatological disorders and related changes in the regulation of human diseases within the framework of ecosystem services. The purpose of these activities is to:

  • Increase understanding on what is global warming and how climate changes affect health, disease patterns and specifically dermatological health.
  • Gain insight from case studies presented by dermatologists on dermatologic patterns.
  • Open a dialogue to develop and conceptualize trends of climate change in relation to skin disease for the medical, scientific and political communities worldwide.

To pursue these activities, the ISD Committee on Climate Change was established. The Committee Members include:

Committee members:

Dr. Louise Kronborg Andersen (Denmark)

Dr. Mark Davis (US)

Dr. Jean Krutmann (Germany)
Dr. Johannes Dyrit (Philippines)
Dr. Giang Nguyen (US/Vietnam)
Dr. Sarah Coates (US)

Accomplishments include:

1st Climate Change Conference, October 7, 2009
Berlin, Germany
Report from Dr. Uwe Wollina

2nd Climate Change Conference, June 25, 2010
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Report from Dr. Ana Kaminsky

ISD Reference Library on Climate Change
Developed by Dr. Mark Davis and Dr. Louise Kronborg Andersen


See Dr. Sig Muller on You Tube
December 14, 2009