Community Dermatology Project Award

The International Society of Dermatology Community Dermatology Project Award in Honor of Cindy Froehlich



To acknowledge organizations/projects that are making a significant contribution to improve the skin health of communities.

Who is eligible?

Organizations/Projects that have made a significant contribution to improve the skin health of communities. Nominations for the award will be solicited from the ISD membership and the Board of Directors. Preference will be given to organizations/projects with active ISD member involvement and those that focus on skin health in resource poor settings.

How are they selected?

The potential candidates will be reviewed by the Community Dermatology Committee and then the recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for final approval.

What are the criteria?

In recommending recipients of the award, the panel will take into consideration:

    1      Evidence of a long-term commitment to the work

    2      A strategy with clear goals

    3      Evidence of achievement of objectives with measurable benefits to patients.

    4      Evidence of ongoing sustainability

The candidates can be drawn from any global region and will be selected on the basis of their work on the improvement of skin health in community settings. These initiatives may be based in resource poor environments but also in advanced health care settings, the key measure being the development of public health-based approach to skin care in the wider population through clinical activities, research or teaching, i.e. improving the health of the community. 

Initially, one awardee per year will be selected.

How are they recognized?

The awardees are honored at an ISD sponsored event with a certificate, acknowledgement on the ISD website and an article describing the program in the ISD Connection newsletter.

To submit a candidate for the award, please complete the following form by March 31, 2021.

Community Dermatology Project Award Application: 

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