24th World Congress of Dermatology Sister Society Meeting

International Society of Dermatology

Sister Society Meeting at the 24th World Congress of Dermatology

Program and RSVP

Date:     Monday, June 10, 2019
Time:     8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Venue: Yellow 2 Meeting Room (Level One)
             MiCo – Milano Congressi, Milan, Italy

Session Title: Global Dermatology

Session Chairs: Jacek Szepietowski, MD (Poland) and Nellie Konnikov, MD (US)

Schedule of Events


8:30:00 AM       
Nellie Konnikov, MD (US), “Welcome from the ISD”

Global Education Awards

8:40:00 AM       
Jacek Szepietowski, MD (Poland), “Global Education Awards”

8:45:00 AM
Linghong Zhou, MD (Canada), “Resource Stewardship in Dermatology: An Evidence-Based List of  Recommendations”

8:50:00 AM       
Manoj Pawar, MD (India), “Incidence of adverse cutaneous drug reactions among HIV patients receiving HAART at a tertiary referral centre, North-East India: A novel association of efavirenz induced SCARs with HLA- DRB1*03”

8:55:00 AM       
Sonia Sofia Ocampo-Garza, MD (Mexico), "Association of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and contact allergens in everyday skin care products”

9:00:00 AM       
Maria Franchesca Sotto Quinio, MD (Philippines), “The Association between Persistent Granulomas and Treatment Outcomes Among Leprosy Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in the Philippines”

9:05:00 AM       
Imene Ben Lagha, MD (Tunisia), “Hepatic abnormalities in psoriasis: prevalence and associated factors of liver fibrosis. A cross sectional study”

Maria Duran Awards

9:10:00 AM       
Mercedes Florez-White, MD (US), “Introduction of Maria Duran Fellows”

9:15:00 AM       
Nadia Ghariani Fetoui, MD (Tunisia), “The role of platelet-rich plasma in refractory alopecia areata: When the body treats itself!”

9:20:00 AM       
Sweta Subhadarshani, MD (India), “Efficacy and Safety of a Novel Method of Insulated Intralesional Radiofrequency Ablation for Deep Dermal and Subcutaneous Lesions: A 3-Year Institutional Experience”

9:25:00 AM       
Mercedes Florez-White, MD (US), “Introduction of Maria Duran Lecturer”

9:27:00 AM   
Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, MD (Brazil), :Maria Duran Lecture”

9:57:00 AM       
Mercedes Florez-White, MD (US), “Introduction of the 2019 Maria Duran Medalist: Hemangi Jerajani, MD (India)"


10:00:00 AM      Short break with refreshments

Best of the International Journal of Dermatology

10:15:00 AM     
Rokea El-Azhary, MD (US), “Best of the International Journal of Dermatology”

10:15:00 AM     
David Mehregan, MD (US), “Best of the IJD: Case Reports”

10:30:00 AM     
Kenneth Tomecki, MD (US), “Best of the IJD: Report”

10:45:00 AM     
Larry Gibson, MD (US), “Best of the IJD: Reviews”

Community Dermatology

11:00:00 AM     
Helmut Beltraminelli, MD (Switzerland), “Introduction to Community Dermatology Session”

11:00:00 AM     
Isabel Casas, MD (Argentina), “Community Dermatology in Patagonia, Argentina”

11:20:00 AM     
Michele Murdoch, MD (UK), “Onchocerciasis elimination: are we just scratching the surface”

11:40:00 AM     
Paul Matts, PhD (UK), “Tropical Lymphoedemas: lessons from podoconiosis”

12:00:00 PM     
Daudi Mavura, MD (Tanzania), “Dermatology in Tanziania: lessons from the RDTC”

12:20:00 PM     
George Reizner, MD (USA), ISD President, “Closing Remarks”


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